Tesla’s Factory in Berlin Runs Into Activists, Red Tape and Lizards

teslas factory in berlin runs into activists red tape and lizards

Sumary of Tesla’s Factory in Berlin Runs Into Activists, Red Tape and Lizards:

  • Instead it has become a manifestation of what happens when Silicon Valley ambition collides with German procedure.
  • The $7 billion factory, which will supply the fast-growing European market for electric cars, is at least six months behind schedule, according to local officials.
  • It buys time for competing manufacturers like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Renault to try to establish their own expanding lineups of electric cars.
  • Tesla’s Model 3, which the company imports to Europe from China or the United States, is the top-selling electric vehicle on the continent.
  • 4 sport utility vehicle, introduced during the last year, have surpassed Tesla in combined sales, according to Matthias Schmidt, an independent analyst in Berlin who tracks electric car sales in Europe.
  • ”The delay is nothing new for Tesla, which has a long history of overly optimistic timelines for autonomous driving, electric long-haul trucks and rocket launches.
  • Two other groups, the Nature Protection Federation of Brandenburg, known as NABU, and the Green League, have gone to court to force Tesla to relocate a population of sand lizards, roughly 10 inches in length and bright green and gray, that thrive in the site’s sandy soil, as well as several 30-inch-long smooth adders.

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