Should You Take a Stake in the Business of Outdoor Grilling?

should you take a stake in the business of outdoor grilling 1

Sumary of Should You Take a Stake in the Business of Outdoor Grilling?:

  • In this episode of Industry Focus: Consumer Goods, join Motley Fool analysts Asit Sharma and Emily Flippen as they discuss these questions and more in today’s episode.
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  • My name is Emily Flippen and I’ll be joined by Asit Sharma today as we talk about the business of outdoor grilling.
  • Asit Sharma: Emily, it’s fun to be here but I want to lay one ground rule for this episode.
  • Sharma: Yeah, it’s interesting that they have IPOs very near to each other.
  • ” Sharma: This shows you how savvy Weber’s management is because, I think it was 2016, original patents for the wood pellet technology for the Traeger grills expired.
  • Flippen: I will say, when I went through their distribution and I guess growth strategy, I was surprised to see the differences between Weber and Traeger when it comes to direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Sharma: Surprising statistics because again, Traeger being a younger and I said before maybe more hip brand, you would expect higher DTC sales, direct-to-consumer sales, that are generated by their really wide social footprint.

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