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Openreach price rules aim to boost full-fibre net rollout

Sumary of Openreach price rules aim to boost full-fibre net rollout:

  • The UK’s telecoms regulator has decided not to place price controls on what Openreach charges internet service providers for full-fibre connections for at least 10 years…
  • In addition, it has frozen the price cap it levels on what the BT-owned subsidiary charges for slower copper-based connections…
  • “As such, Openreach needed certainty that it would be able to make a sufficient return on investment before embarking on the next stages of roll-out.”..
  • Unregulated fees As part of the measures, Ofcom will effectively freeze the wholesale fees Openreach charges for providing “superfast”..
  • The price Openreach charges for faster and more reliable fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections will remain unregulated…….

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