North Carolina State Board Of Election Denies Audit Request

north carolina state board of election denies audit request

Sumary of North Carolina State Board Of Election Denies Audit Request:

  • Authored by Matt McGregor via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),Citing overriding federal authority under the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the North Carolina Board of Elections (BOE) has denied a North Carolina House Freedom Caucus (HFC) request to examine voting machines.
  • Morgan County election officials sort ballots during an audit in Madison, Ga.
  • During a July 15 press conference, Kidwell said the HFC had been responding to public concern regarding transparency in the election process.
  • Before the denial, the HFC met with the BOE twice, and Kidwell added that Elections Systems &
  • Software (ES&S), the largest election vendor for North Carolina, agreed to provide access to three voting systems it manufactures.
  • At the time, ES&S indicated that they would be willing to take any inspected system at a randomly selected precinct by the HFC and recertify the equipment so that there would be no cost to the BOE or county, Kidwell said.
  • After speaking with ES&S officials, Bell said in the statement that “they [ES&S] were unaware of any commitment by the company to take any accessed machines back to their headquarters for recertification.
  • She included a letter from Geoff Hale, director of the Election Security Initiative (ESI) at CISA, in which he said “allowing unknown, unauthorized, or inexpert actors” to access the machines could risk damage and manipulation, which would compromise the security of the equipment.

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