New Faster, Lighter, Cheaper Technology May Solve Silicon Chip Shortage, Enhance Electric Cars

new faster lighter cheaper technology may solve silicon chip shortage enhance electric cars

Sumary of New Faster, Lighter, Cheaper Technology May Solve Silicon Chip Shortage, Enhance Electric Cars:

  • getty Necessity being the mother of invention, automotive manufacturers can soon move on from worrying about the silicon chip shortage to getting excited about how much better the replacement technology is, while the rest of us is find out just what gallium nitride (GaN) is.
  • And by mid-decade, GaN technology my provide a spark to electric car sales by advancing range and the charging experience and making the concept more viable for the average motorist.
  • Navitas Semiconductor, which along with others including GaN Systems, Power Integrations, Texas Instruments TXN , Infineon and STMocroelectronics, says GaN will provide the basis for the next generation of semiconductors, and will help to speed the adoption of electric cars, e-scooters and e-bikes.
  • “The next-generation (GaN) power semiconductor platform with up to 3x smaller, 3x lighter, 3x faster charging and 40% energy savings, is positioned for market leadership in the $13.1 billion+ GaN electrification opportunity in mobile, consumer, enterprise, renewables/solar and EV/eMobility,” Navitas said in an investor presentation.
  • “Over 300 tons of gallium are produced every year, with over a million tons estimated in reserves around the world.
  • Sullivan, GaN is the enabling technology behind the high-resolution color screens in TVs, phones, tablets, laptops and monitors, because of its high-efficiency, high-voltage capabilities.
  • Profile view of businessman riding a scooter on his way to work getty “In the automotive industry, GaN is becoming the technology of choice for power conversion and battery charging in hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • “GaN technology translates to higher charging efficiencies, so more of the power is delivered to the battery, charging it faster instead of burning up that energy as heat which warms the charger.

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