Milking the Newest Meme Stock

milking the newest meme stock

Sumary of Milking the Newest Meme Stock:

  • Illustration by Elias Stein Clean Energy Fuels collects and transports natural gas produced by animal waste from, among other sources, dairy farms..
  • Clean Energy has a 55 out of 100 in S3 Squeeze Risk Score Metric, “meaning there a strong potential for a squeeze, but pressure to buy-to-cover has not become overwhelming yet.”.
  • Clean Energy issued stock on May 10 and June 7, selling 22.8 million shares in all, adding more than 10% to its April 30 share count..
  • Clean Energy didn’t respond to a request for comment, but in a securities filing it said it has no plans to raise more capital..
  • Last Week Return to the Meme Meme stocks returned, including some new Reddit favs, Clover Health, Clean Energy Fuels, and Wendy , while the indexes drifted and Treasury yields fell back….

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