Media Converges On The Narrative That UFOs May Be Russian/Chinese Threat

media converges on the narrative that ufos may be russian chinese threat

Sumary of Media Converges On The Narrative That UFOs May Be Russian/Chinese Threat:

  • Unknown US officials have done a print media tour speaking to the press on condition of anonymity (of course), with first The New York Times reporting their statements about the contents of the UFO report and then CNN and The Washington Post..
  • the US government doesn’t know what these things are but is very concerned they constitute evidence that Russia and/or China have somehow managed to technologically leapfrog US military development by light years..
  • This narrative was then picked up by cable news, with MSNBC inviting former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta on to explain to their audience that the US government should assume UFOs are Russian or Chinese in origin until that possibility has been exhausted..
  • Clearest indication yet that the Imminent UAP report to Congress was neutered by access problems, this from @ChristopherKMe4:.
  • I’ve been interacting a bit with the online UFO community for the first time ever, and it seems like they’re mostly decent people with good intentions and a lot of hope for this new governmental investigation..
  • Democrats were never going to use a Special Counsel to remove Trump, Trump was never going to take down the Deep State, and the US government isn’t going to investigate itself and tell everyone that aliens are real…

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