Maine’s new “right to food” could sprout legal challenges

maines new right to food could sprout legal challenges

Sumary of Maine’s new “right to food” could sprout legal challenges:

  • Nov 27th 2021LIKE EVERY farmer Courtney Hammond, who grows blueberries and cranberries in Washington County, Maine, has a lot of worries.
  • The constitutional amendment’s main proponents included a conservative lobsterman, a liberal raw-milk organic farmer, the Sportsman Alliance (a hunting group) and Cumberland County Food Security Council.
  • ”Opponents of the amendment worry that its vague wording opens towns to legal challenges over local zoning and other ordinances.
  • Some farmers fear that amateurs will introduce invasive species that could damage their crops.
  • ” His partner across the aisle, Craig Hickman, a Democratic state senator and an organic farmer, says not everyone is going to start farming or raising animals, but this will “inspire people to shop locally” or even share their land with their neighbours.
  • More than a hundred towns have adopted ordinances that allow food “self-government”, letting towns make their own rules for food products.

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