Joe Manchin: Racist, Or Profile In Courage

joe manchin racist or profile in courage

Sumary of Joe Manchin: Racist, Or Profile In Courage:

  • Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer must meet Manchin demands or see their initiatives fail, one by one, in the U.S..
  • For as long as the 50-50 Republican-Democrat balance holds in the Senate, Manchin power to decide the fate of the Democratic agenda is unrivaled and extraordinary..
  • And even if a piece of legislation is supported by a slim Senate majority, Manchin can kill it by refusing to strip Senate Republicans of the right to filibuster it, to talk it to death..
  • The only way Democrats can be assured of victory in a Senate vote is by persuading Manchin to not only vote for the bill but also vote to strip the Senate GOP of their filibuster rights..
  • Manchin is putting his remarkable but temporary power behind his principles, and Senate practice and tradition, and voting both his own and his constituents’ convictions..
  • He is refusing to provide his 50th vote in the Senate to bring about an outcome that he believes would further contribute to the division of the country….

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