Joe Biden’s tech policy is becoming clearer

joe bidens tech policy is becoming clearer

Sumary of Joe Biden’s tech policy is becoming clearer:

  • At the time, Mr Lynn’s work decrying “platform monopolists” and advocating for breaking up tech giants was provocative but niche.
  • Beyond Mr Lynn’s colleagues, more tech-bashers hold passports to power.
  • Many believe that Barack Obama’s administration, of which Mr Biden was a part, became too enamoured with large tech firms and failed to scrutinise mergers, like Facebook’s purchase of Instagram.
  • “It’s a really exciting time if you are a complainant who’s hoping for government enforcement,” he says.
  • If that fails, the administration could rewrite the rules of business through newly empowered government agencies.
  • ) “Be on the lookout” for stronger involvement from the White House, predicts Ms Warren.
  • This will involve scuttling proposed mergers and attacking firms for anticompetitive behaviour.

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