Jewish Burial Records Among Items Seized by U.S. Authorities

jewish burial records among items seized by u s authorities

Sumary of Jewish Burial Records Among Items Seized by U.S. Authorities:

  • A historic register of Jewish burial records from the modern-day Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca is among artifacts that have been recovered as part of a seizure by authorities in New York who plan to return the objects to their communities of origin.
  • Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn announced on Thursday the seizure, of 17 Jewish funeral scrolls, manuscripts and other records, which they describe as having been taken from Jewish communities in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia during World War II.
  • That withdrawal took place after requests from a restitution organization and Jewish community leadership in Romania.
  • “They represent invaluable cultural religious artifacts that should be properly returned to the survivors of their original Jewish communities,” Buckley wrote.
  • The researcher told Robert Schwartz, president of the Jewish Community of Cluj, about the item.
  • Then the Community of Cluj and the World Jewish Restitution Organization asked that the sale be halted, with Schwartz citing the historic value of the register and telling the auction house that it had been “appropriated illegally by persons who have not been identified.
  • ” The person who had put the items up for auction — described by Kestenbaum as a “scholarly businessman” who had acted for years to preserve historical artifacts — agreed to discuss the matter further with the restitution organization, the auction house added.
  • Company cooperated with an investigation into the artifacts, Buckley wrote in her affidavit, the auction house had sold one or more items before being contacted by law enforcement.

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