Iranian Officer Killed In Worsening Water Crisis Protests – Internet Shutdowns Imposed

iranian officer killed in worsening water crisis protests internet shutdowns imposed

Sumary of Iranian Officer Killed In Worsening Water Crisis Protests – Internet Shutdowns Imposed:

  • Water and power shortage protests in Iran have now been raging continuously for one week, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries particularly out of the restive southwest oil-rich province of Khuzestan, including the death of a police officer.
  • Chants saying “down with the Ayatollah” have also been reported based on widely circulating social media videos, also with external Iranian opposition groups as well as Saudi-funded think tanks in the West attempting to seize on the protests as an “opportunity” to weaken and overthrow the Islamic Republic regime.
  • Iran Protests: Protestors closing the road in Borazjan from lack of water &
  • IRAN: Protests continue in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan in the heat of the summer.
  • And in a sign of the growing fierceness of the security response and crackdown, the global web-outage monitor Netblocks has reported widespread internet outages in Khuzestan for days, place of multiple protests across towns and cities, that are part of “state information controls or targeted Internet shutdowns.
  • “Iran Protests: Water protests in Khuzestan turn anti-government tonight w/clashes &
  • com/XjeH5a1Cas — Farnaz Fassihi (@farnazfassihi) July 20, 2021The monitor said outages began on July 15, with outages still being reported into this week.

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