In France, Party Politics Is Going the Way of the Dodo

in france party politics is going the way of the dodo

Sumary of In France, Party Politics Is Going the Way of the Dodo:

  • By Lionel Laurent | Bloomberg, The list of candidates hoping to take on Emmanuel Macron for the French presidency in April is getting long.
  • About 30 people have thrown their hats in the ring, including Paris’ Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, far-right leader Marine Le Pen and former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.
  • Le Pen has always been the main threat for Macron, and she’s trying to become more palatable to the average French voter — dropping unpopular policies like quitting the euro, glossing over her past contentious views and seeking to detoxify her party.
  • On the Left, Anne Hidalgo has for months been tipped as a bridge between social justice and eco-conscious politics after Covid-19. Yet she currently polls below 10% and there is widespread skepticism that she can get rivals, from far-left firebrand Jean-Luc Melenchon to the prospective Green Party pick, to rally behind her.
  • In such a fragmented political landscape, with French voters increasingly leaning conservative on issues like immigration and security while supporting Macron’s “whatever-it-takes” approach to pandemic management, the center-right is seen as a vital election battleground.
  • And while he is seen as being a convincing leader and good pandemic manager, a majority of French public opinion is unhappy with his performance overall.
  • Headline-grabbing proposals have yet to move the needle: Hidalgo’s call to double teachers’ salaries and Le Pen’s proposal to renationalize highways are each seen costing around 40 billion euros ($47.3 billion).

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