In China, escalating cost of business sends some companies to the exits

in china escalating cost of business sends some companies to the exits

Sumary of In China, escalating cost of business sends some companies to the exits:

  • By Eva Dou, Qilai Shen Bloomberg News People walk along Nanjing East Road in Shanghai in August.
  • A new personal data protection law is adding to the challenges foreign businesses face in operating in China.
  • A new data protection law is changing the calculus for doing business in China, with foreign and domestic firms scrambling to comply, and some companies including LinkedIn and Yahoo choosing to leave.
  • China’s personal information protection law, implemented this month, is the latest factor adding to a challenging political environment for businesses operating in the country and altering the cost-benefit analysis.
  • James Zimmerman, a Beijing-based American lawyer, said that the China market had become “less and less palatable for Western companies” because of “reputational risks of operating in an environment with extreme content censorship, and tighter regulatory conditions.
  • ”The trade war brought politics into U.S.-China business to a much greater degree, with Beijing and Washington wielding tariffs and consumer product boycotts in their power struggle.
  • [Microsoft will shut down LinkedIn service in China after facing criticism for censoring posts] And for some Western business executives, the human-rights controversies of President Xi Jinping’s era have become a bridge too far, including a crackdown on ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region that Washington classified as genocide;
  • and, most recently, the disappearance of tennis star Peng Shuai after she accused a former top official of sexual assault.

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