Hiring costs employers $4,000 per new worker. These recruiters scrapped résumés to make the proces …

hiring costs employers 4000 per new worker these recruiters scrapped resumes to make the process faster and fairer

Sumary of Hiring costs employers $4,000 per new worker. These recruiters scrapped résumés to make the process faster and fairer.:

  • They’re experimenting with software, blind hiring, and social media as alternatives.
  • 1. Aptitude testsAdvanced uses pre-employment tests supplied by the testing-software firm Criteria Corp.
  • Candidates undergo two behavioral tests: a cognitive-aptitude test and a psychometric-profiling test.
  • MIT Technology Review interviewed a job seeker in July who was rejected from multiple jobs requiring aptitude tests, despite practising on similar software.
  • Criteria put this down to a mismatch between the assessment’s requirements and the advertised role’s requirements.
  • ” 2. Social mediaThe lead-generation firm MVF Global uses the social-audio app Clubhouse as a “fishing tool” for talent.
  • Its head of talent Henry O’Justus uses Clubhouse to “throw the net out” to find a more “diverse pool of options” for certain roles.
  • He set up a regular Clubhouse panel called Tech UK, inviting diverse speakers across the UK tech industry to discuss their experiences.

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