Here's Why Latch Has a Big Advantage Over Rivals

heres why latch has a big advantage over rivals

Sumary of Here's Why Latch Has a Big Advantage Over Rivals:

  • Smart home technology company Latch (NASDAQ:LTCH) recently went public via SPAC merger, and the early results have been very encouraging.
  • However, it isn’t the only company that provides smart home operating systems for commercial buildings, so what makes Latch different?
  • com contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, and Industry Focus host Jason Moser discuss why Latch is unique.
  • Matt Frankel: Dwight says Matt, “Have you looked at SmartRent, the competitor to Latch coming to the market through SPAC merger, thanks.
  • ” We know and love Latch, we had their CEO on our show not long ago, I’m an investor in the company.
  • SmartRent is a competitor in the sense that they are a smart home operating system for design for commercial multi-family properties, so like apartment buildings.
  • The key difference is Latch makes their own hardware and their system works with their hardware.
  • The SmartRent system works with, for example, the Ring Video Doorbell, the Honeywell (NASDAQ:HON) thermostat.

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