Facebook Is Too Secretive. Its Oversight Board Should Change That

facebook is too secretive its oversight board should change that

Sumary of Facebook Is Too Secretive. Its Oversight Board Should Change That:

  • By Parmy Olson | Bloomberg, Boards are notorious for group think and spinelessness.
  • The reason is likely because its internal stats looked so bad: A third of teenage girls who already felt negatively about their bodies felt worse when they went on Instagram, according to the Journal’s reporting, which cited documents from a person seeking federal whistleblower protection.
  • Sometimes described as a Supreme Court of Facebook, the board reviews the site’s higher-profile rulings on content, such as the decision to indefinitely ban former President Donald Trump, which the board overturned and openly criticized.
  • Noah Feldman, a contributing columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, is an advisor to Facebook and helped set up the board.
  • If you have already heard of the Oversight Board, you’ve likely read the unflattering assessments, too.
  • And while it has overturned more of Facebook’s decisions than not, it only looks at individual cases, when it should arguably be scrutinizing Facebook on bigger issues like its potentially-harmful recommendation algorithms.
  • Within hours of the Wall Street Journal’s story about elite users going online, the board posted this:It went on to add: “The Board has repeatedly made recommendations that Facebook be far more transparent in general…”You can almost hear the frustration.
  • In the coming weeks it is scheduled to publish its first ever “transparency report” into Facebook, according to an Oversight Board spokesman.

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