Exclusive Interview: Natallia Hunik – ‘Mission Accomplished’

exclusive interview natallia hunik mission accomplished

Sumary of Exclusive Interview: Natallia Hunik – ‘Mission Accomplished’:

  • There have been so many changes in the space, but when I look back, I think I can outline four general themes:1) Changes driven by regulatory pressure.
  • The first type has brought better analytics, better backend processing and reporting, and the second type brought mobile applications, social trading and the emergence of some non-MT commercial platforms.
  • 3) Growing multi-asset offeringsLargely due to lackluster FX volatility and an uptick in crypto as well as the pandemic-driven explosion of stock trading and before the introduction of fractional stock trading, FX brokers started expanding into different asset classes.
  • 4) Increased risk-taking, the proliferation of the PFOF modelThe mounting pressure from regulators and irrational markets forced many firms to increase their amount of risk-taking.
  • While these practices have in many ways improved brokers’ operating margins, they certainly made their businesses as a whole less ‘investable’ due to the high-risk nature of this business.

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