COVID-19 created a child abuse crisis. Lawmakers are now demanding more prevention measures

covid 19 created a child abuse crisis lawmakers are now demanding more prevention measures

Sumary of COVID-19 created a child abuse crisis. Lawmakers are now demanding more prevention measures:

  • Allen, executive director of the FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center in Humble, Texas, said many women and children seeking help during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic had to be turned away because there simply weren’t enough beds to go around at the shelter..
  • Allen is among many domestic abuse relief workers keeping a close eye on a growing debate in Congress over whether to beef up child abuse prevention measures, including by providing $270 million to local shelters like hers..
  • The proposal passed by the House in March and up for debate in the Senate aims to shield millions of children from violence as families hit hard by joblessness and other pandemic-driven stresses are seeing a surge in abuse cases..
  • The proposed legislation seeks to provide more education about child abuse and how to detect it, fund community programs that address substance abuse disorders, and support tribal and immigrant communities, which are disproportionately vulnerable to poverty..
  • “It essential that we acknowledge and understand the scope of child abuse and neglect during and after the pandemic and do everything we can to better protect our nation children..
  • “This bipartisan bill is a critical and necessary step in our effort to keep every child safe and strengthen our child protective services system,”…

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