Climate Change Calls for Backup Power, and One Company Cashes In

climate change calls for backup power and one company cashes in

Sumary of Climate Change Calls for Backup Power, and One Company Cashes In:

  • Demand for backup generators has soared over the last year, as housebound Americans focused on preparing their homes for the worst, just as a surge of extreme weather ensured many experienced it.
  • Hurricane Ida left over a million people in Louisiana and Mississippi without power for days in sweltering weather late last month.
  • Over the summer, officials in California warned that wildfires might once again force rolling blackouts amid record heat and the threat of wildfire.
  • Even lower-profile outages — last month, storms in Michigan left almost a million homes and businesses in the dark for up to several days — have many American homeowners buying mini power plants of their own.
  • — its third producing residential generators — while demand and pandemic-related supply chain snarls have pushed customers’ wait times to roughly seven months.
  • ”That means his company has the attention of investors betting that the confluence of the coronavirus and climate crises is shifting the priorities of American consumers.
  • ET“Instead of a nice-to-have, backup power is increasingly a need-to-have, when you’re working at home,” said Mark Strouse, a J.
  • Enphase, which makes devices that convert power directly from solar panels into a format suitable for the home, is up more than 500 percent since the pandemic began.

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