CEO Secrets: ‘You can run a business and have a baby’

ceo secrets you can run a business and have a baby

Sumary of CEO Secrets: ‘You can run a business and have a baby’:

  • “There were certainly eyebrows raised,” says CEO of Heka, Steph Hinds, who, while in the process of trying to raise money for her company found out she was pregnant with her first child.
  • “Heka is a rapidly growing firm which organises health and welfare packages for the employees of companies – such as gym memberships and organic food deliveries.
  • Started in 2016, the firm now works with 300 companies across the UK and has an annual turnover of £400,000.Ms Hinds dropped the prospective new investors who had raised doubts over her capacity to lead the business after having a child, and instead stuck with her existing investors, who had been supportive.
  • Ms Hinds encourages start-up founders to show confidence with investorsHer advice for women entrepreneurs is not to worry about becoming pregnant but plan your leave meticulously.
  • “Ms Hinds has now returned to work after having her child, Lilly, and is back at the helm as CEO.

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