Cathie Wood’s Sweet Superficial Success

cathie woods sweet superficial success

Sumary of Cathie Wood’s Sweet Superficial Success:

  • Hell, even Madoff must have had some decent organizational and marketing skills.
  • Over the last year, the market has started to understand why asking about Wood’s other positions is such an important question.
  • Specifically, ARKK is down 1% over the trailing twelve month period while Tesla has posted gains of over 112%.
  • And you can’t just truthfully cite your main investing strategy, riding a wave of pure Fed-induced market euphoria, on national television.
  • Is there some exceptional long-lasting trend that Cathie Wood has the vision to see that we all don’t?
  • Of course, the answers to these questions are “no”, but whatever excuses Wood and her likes wind up coming up with then becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of bullshit that entices other “growth investors” (read: 18 year olds with Robinhood accounts) to buy similar speculative investments with terrible, and sometimes non-existent, financials.
  • In fact, it’s the exact type of action we have seen over the last two days in the market.
  • Getting more aggressive with your investments after having a shitty year?

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