Can Vaccines Get Rid of Long Covid?

can vaccines get rid of long covid

Sumary of Can Vaccines Get Rid of Long Covid?:

  • A recent French study showing some correlation between a person’s belief they had Covid-19 and their reporting of Long Covid symptoms was used by skeptics to claim that the condition doesn’t exist (a conclusion the study doesn’t support).
  • Another new study, however, suggests that vaccinations reduce the risk of Long Covid, even among those who get jabbed after they’ve had Covid-19.Bloomberg Opinion’s Therese Raphael spoke to Bloomberg Intelligence senior pharmaceutical analyst Sam Fazeli about the study and how we should be thinking about Long Covid now.
  • Therese Raphael: When the vaccines were first being rolled out, some people with Long Covid — long haulers, as they are often called in the U.S. — reported their symptoms worsening after vaccination.
  • Sam Fazeli: This is a welcome study in an area where there has been disagreement, with at least one paper showing no impact from vaccination on risk of Long Covid.
  • With this study, the body of evidence moves in favor of vaccination lowering, but not eliminating, the risk of Long Covid.
  • First, they found a seven-to-10-fold reduction in the risk of Long Covid in infected people who had received one dose of any of the three vaccines authorized in the U.S. (from Moderna Inc., Pfizer Inc. or Johnson &
  • The authors defined Long Covid as two or more ongoing symptoms.
  • The effect fell to 4.5 times if they defined Long Covid as “any symptom.

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