Apple’s new iPhone 13 is better, but not by much.

apples new iphone 13 is better but not by much

Sumary of Apple’s new iPhone 13 is better, but not by much.:

  • It is a story that now happens just about every September: Apple introduced new iPhones that have slightly bigger screens, faster speeds and better cameras — but no new major advances.
  • Having already pushed the screen nearly to the edge of the device, Apple slightly increased its size by reducing the small notch at the top of the screen.
  • Apple kept the same flat-edge design of the phone that it has used in other recent models.
  • Apple is hoping that by adding new features and making slight design improvements, customers will keep shelling out more money.
  • That success is partly because Apple has built an intensely loyal customer base, and also because it has designed its products in a way that makes it difficult for customers to switch to the competition, like Samsung and Google.
  • Apple spent much of its showing off the iPhone’s new “cinematic mode,” a camera technology that can automatically follow and focus on a subject, resulting in videos that more closely resemble professional movies.

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