America is substantially reducing poverty among children

america is substantially reducing poverty among children

Sumary of America is substantially reducing poverty among children:

  • Sep 14th 2021WASHINGTON, DCIT SEEMED LIKE a blustery overpromise when President Joe Biden pledged in July to oversee, “the largest ever one-year decrease in child poverty in the history of the United States”.
  • The amounts are also more generous than before: parents of young children receive $300 per month while those with children above the age of six receive $250. Those payments, passed as part of Mr Biden’s $1.9trn stimulus plan, only began in July.
  • The child-poverty rate dropped from 15.8% in June to 11.9%, representing a decline of 3m American children living in poverty.
  • The number of households with children that reported not having enough food in the past week dropped substantially after the first payment began—going from 13.7% to 9.5% (see chart 2).
  • He notes that one attempt—a video message from Mr Biden posted on Twitter—is unlikely to reach many of the missing families.
  • One senior White House official acknowledges these criticisms but points out that the IRS had only a few months after Congress enacted the policy to set up payments, and that the coverage rate for most anti-poverty programmes is below 100%.
  • Still, the future strategy will be threefold, the official says: to encourage families to file taxes, if possible;
  • Mixed-status families—undocumented parents with citizen children who qualify—are especially reluctant.

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