5 Tips for Seeing Alaska on a Budget

5 tips for seeing alaska on a budget

Sumary of 5 Tips for Seeing Alaska on a Budget:

  • There’s something pristine and majestic about the vast Alaskan wilderness that draws me, and many others, to it.
  • I was actually born in Alaska — in Anchorage, to be exact — but my family moved to the dry desert of south Texas shortly after I was born.
  • I don’t remember living in Alaska, but I grew up hearing stories of the moose that walked into the hospital where I was born and of my father working on deep-sea fishing boats.
  • But, while I am drawn to the idea of visiting the place where I was born, I’ve been putting it off because trips to Alaska are also notoriously expensive.
  • I’m not ready to wipe my savings account for an all-out Alaskan adventure yet, so I’ve been looking for ways to cut down on trip costs instead.
  • If you find yourself daydreaming about a visit to Alaska but the costs are out of reach, take note of the five money-saving travel hacks below.
  • 1. Plan your trip during the shoulder seasonAlaskan tourist season typically runs from June to August, and any trip during that time comes with a high price tag.
  • The shoulder months of May and September still typically offer the moderate weather you’re hoping for during your trip to Alaska, though.

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