3 Renewable Energy Stocks We're Thankful for in 2021

3 renewable energy stocks were thankful for in 2021

Sumary of 3 Renewable Energy Stocks We're Thankful for in 2021:

  • Finally focusing on residential solar Travis Hoium (SunPower): The last few years have been a wild ride for SunPower.
  • The company sold off its utility-scale solar business, spun off its solar panel manufacturing business, and is in the process of finding a buyer or other alternative for its commercial solar business.
  • What’s left is the residential solar installation business that’s become one of the most valuable parts of the solar energy market.
  • The company has built the infrastructure to sell, design, install, and finance residential solar projects at scale, which is what the market is rewarding today.
  • If it can grow in residential solar and improve profitability along the way the stock could continue to rise.
  • But solar installation has been a competitive business and companies have risen and fallen over the last decade.
  • What I think will separate SunPower long-term is the ability to combine high-quality solar installations with energy storage and monitoring features.
  • An investment for the planet Howard Smith (Enphase Energy): I first heard of Enphase Energy seven years ago, when I was investigating adding solar panels to my roof.

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