The Digital Turn of Businesses in the New Essay by Vincenzo Morabito

the digital turn of businesses in the new essay by vincenzo morabito

Sumary of The Digital Turn of Businesses in the New Essay by Vincenzo Morabito:

  • MILAN, Italy, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital innovation has long been high on the political agenda and a subject of debate for many key sectors of the economy.
  • Professor Vincenzo Morabito answers this question in his new essay entitled “Digital Entrepreneurship, Management, Systems and Practice” (published by Cambridge University Press), coming out soon.
  • “The idea” behind this book, explains Morabito to LaPresse, “is very simple: entrepreneurship is becoming more and more digital, and digitalisation is changing the way we do business.
  • It is time to explain which trends should be followed and guide the new businesses.
  • ” This essay “responds to a need felt by both the younger generation and by those who want to change their life path thanks to digitalisation;
  • ”While policy and decision-makers ask themselves how to include mobile devices, digital platforms, cloud, big data, cybersecurity and blockchain in their strategies, what is often missing is a broader awareness of the current mega-transition.
  • In the digital age, points out Morabito, professor at Bocconi University, entrepreneurship is now more demanded than ever.
  • Nevertheless, it is not enough to hold online meetings, have paperless offices or be active on social media in order to be considered a digital entrepreneur.

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