The 3 Credit Card Habits You Need to Break

the 3 credit card habits you need to break

Sumary of The 3 Credit Card Habits You Need to Break:

  • Using your credit card in a routinely disadvantageous way can easily come back to haunt you, often in the form of fees and earned interest..
  • Using the wrong credit card These days, with all the lucrative cash-back earnings on rewards cards, if you’re not strategic with your spending, you’re throwing money out the window..
  • For example, if you spend more money on groceries than any other expense, and your credit card doesn’t give you extra points for food, you should probably get a card that does..
  • Maxing out your credit cards — without paying them off before the billing period ends — means you’re going outside your budget to make purchases..
  • Know exactly which expenses will go on your credit card (groceries, gas, entertainment) and which won’t, and you’ll be in a better position to say no to things you truly can’t afford..
  • Break your bad credit card habits Taking out cash advances, applying for too many credit cards, or not using a credit card you took out are all bad credit card habits, too….

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