New Solution for Dynamic Parametric Test is First Integrated Product from Advantest and PDF Solution …

new solution for dynamic parametric test is first integrated product from advantest and pdf solutions partnership jointly developed offering now in use by major idm

Sumary of New Solution for Dynamic Parametric Test is First Integrated Product from Advantest and PDF Solutions Partnership Jointly Developed Offering Now in Use by Major IDM:

  • ACS is a highly secure single scalable data platform enabling an open solution ecosystem that helps customers address the most pressing challenges of the Smart Manufacturing era.
  • This new solution integrates PDF Solutions’ Exensio® portfolio of data analytics with Advantest’s V93000 Parametric Test System.
  • The ACS DPT solution is designed to optimize parametric testing on the V93000 test platform with real-time performance and minimal human interaction.
  • Test flows within ACS DPT are designed to be adjusted dynamically to improve test coverage, enhance the characterization of aberrant measurements, and more efficiently collect additional data to support root-cause identification and downstream analytics.
  • “By integrating PDF Solutions’ Exensio® advanced data analytics with our proven V93000 Parametric Test System, we are elevating our customers’ problem-solving capabilities,” said Keith Schaub, VP, Technology and Strategy at Advantest.
  • ” “One of our goals in partnering with Advantest was to broaden the accessibility of advanced analytics and enable highly beneficial systems and solutions through tighter integration with test,” said Kimon Michaels, EVP, Products and Solutions, and a co-founder of PDF Solutions.
  • “The analytics power provided by Exensio is designed to enable ACS DPT to significantly shorten a customer’s time-to-data and accelerate root cause analysis during test operations, resulting in substantial savings of both time and money for users.
  • Its leading-edge systems and products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world.

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