Malaysia to investigate Dyson decision to cut ATA ties

malaysia to investigate dyson decision to cut ata ties

Sumary of Malaysia to investigate Dyson decision to cut ATA ties:

  • Dyson told Reuters on Thursday that it was ending its contract with ATA https://www.
  • “I am informed that Dyson did not want to continue the contract due to (a) worker shortage.
  • Malaysia has faced scrutiny over claims that migrant workers are subjected to abusive working and living conditions, while ATA is already being investigated by the United States over forced labor allegations.
  • Saravanan said he has received complaints on the use of forced labor in Malaysia, specifically forcing workers into excessive hours due to labor shortages and the collection of recruitment fees by agents.
  • com/markets/europe/analysts-see-years-losses-malaysias-ata-after-major-client-dyson-cuts-ties-2021-11-26 it was taking seriously allegations of forced labor in an audit summary it received from Dyson and claims of physical abuse raised by a former worker.
  • ATA said it had hired a law firm in Malaysia to conduct an independent review of the allegations of physical abuse by the former worker, and a detailed report will be finalized soon.
  • Former ATA worker Dhan Kumar Limbu told Reuters https://www.
  • Limbu told Reuters he had recounted his experience in an interview with Dyson’s lawyers.

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