Brazil’s top court halts indigenous land rights case, no new date set

brazils top court halts indigenous land rights case no new date set

Sumary of Brazil’s top court halts indigenous land rights case, no new date set:

  • Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Author of the article: Article content BRASILIA — Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended a high-profile land rights case that the country’s indigenous people say is vital for their survival, with no new date for when it will re-take the matter.
  • The government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro draws support from the agricultural sector, which largely supports the timeframe.
  • It argues the time framework gave legal security to farmers, many of whom have lived for decades on land once inhabited by natives.
  • A defeat in court for the indigenous people would set a precedent for the rollback of native rights that Bolsonaro has sought with the backing of powerful farming interests, critics say.
  • Article content Lawyers for the indigenous people, who today number some 850,000 in Brazil, say the constitution that set in stone their rights to ancestral lands makes no mention of a time framework.
  • “If the Supreme Court doesn’t maintain the 1988 timeframe … it will kill agribusiness in Brazil, there will be no incentive to invest in agriculture,” Bolsonaro said recently.

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