2 of the Best TSX Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

2 of the best tsx stocks to buy and hold forever

Sumary of 2 of the Best TSX Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever:

  • For short-term goals, where you’ll need to access your funds within a year or two, you’re better off in a standard high-interest savings account..
  • If you’d prefer, you could begin by buying a few broad market index funds to provide your portfolio with the much-needed diversification..
  • Brookfield Asset Management Broad market index funds are a great place to start for new investors, because they provide exposure to a wide range of different sectors in the market..
  • Typically, individual stocks specialize in a specific area of the market, which gives investors a chance to outperform the broader market..
  • Brookfield Asset Management (TSX:BAM.A)(NYSE:BAM) stock is as close as you’ll get to a broad market index fund..
  • The $95 billion asset management company not only has investments spread across a range of industries, but it has an international presence too….

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